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How to take your measurements

We ask you to read this very carefully, because the customer is responsible for the correctness of the order and the correct measurements!


It is extremely important for us that the chosen dress suits you well, brings you only pleasure and no stress!

  • In order for all measurements to be as accurate as possible, and to avoid possible mistakes, we recommend you to be measured in any sewing studio or clothing repair point, by a person with sewing skills.

  • When placing an order on the product page, you are asked to specify the following measurements:

Your height with heels (cm):

It is important to consider the height of heels, which you plan to put  on with the chosen dress.

If you have not decided on heels yet, we recommend considering the possible option of + 3 - 4 cm.

After all, if you make a mistake or decide to change heels at the last moment, the dress a few cm longer will always be easier to shorten by contacting a local sewing studio than to add missing centimeters.


Chest circumference (cm):

It is desirable to measure the bust wearing that bra, which you plan to put on under the dress. If you plan to put on a dress without a bra, it is recommended to make measurements wearing a thin bra without push-up and lifts.

Waist circumference (cm):

While taking this measurement, breathe freely and don't try to pull in the belly, or tighten the centimeter too much. It is important to remember that if in any of the dimensions the dress is a little bigger, it will be quite easy to adjust it to the figure at any sewing studio, but it will be much harder to enlarge it, and sometimes even impossible.


Hips circumference (cm):

The highest indicator of this measurement is always the most accurate number.  Therefore, we recommend take this measurement several times and specify the highest indicator.

For example, in the first measurement you got a result of 97 cm, the next time you measured 1 cm higher and got a result of 96 cm, and the third time you measured 3 cm lower and got a result of 99 cm.

So, 99 cm will be the most accurate result and you must specify it while placing the order.

Chest height:

This measurement is taken from the middle of the shoulder to the middle of the chest. An important condition while taking this measurement is the presence of a bra, on the same principle as when measuring the chest circumference


Back width:

It is measured horizontally on the shoulder blades, between the posterior corners of armpits.
For the correct measurement, it is important that the back corners of the armpits are clearly defined, so the client should be only in underwear, or in light clothing without sleeves.

All measurements must be given in centimeters.

Important to know:

   Hadassa designers and seamstresses have many years experience in sewing dresses to individual sizes.

   We have thousands of satisfied customers around the world, but it is still important to understand that any remote work does not exclude risks or mistakes.

   We can never guarantee that all measurements are taken 100% correctly, or that your body dimensions are not changed by the time the dress is ready. As we know, preparing for the wedding is always a certain excitement and at this very time some brides lose weight especially quickly, which leads to size decrease.

   But we can confidently guarantee each of our customers that we will do our best to keep you satisfied and get your dream dress without any stress!

   And even if there is a need to adjust the dress after receiving it, we are always glad to be in touch to advise, to send you additional elements of decoration (lace, beads, etc.) if needed, or help you in searching for a sewing studio in your city, which will be able to adjust the dress to your figure after consulting our masters.

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